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Deborah® Heart and Lung Center was established in 1922 as a tuberculosis sanitarium and pulmonary center. Legend has it that Deborah's rural Burlington County location was key to recovery because of therapeutic pine barren air. In reality, thousands of TB patients were medically treated and successfully cured by Deborah physicians.


With the development of antibiotic medications, which eradicated TB, Deborah began expanding its focus to other chest diseases. In 1958, Dr. Charles photo collageBailey, a pioneer in heart surgery, performed the first open heart surgery at Deborah. The specialty of cardiac diseases was immediately embraced and Deborah evolved into the only cardiac and pulmonary specialty hospital in NJ.


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Deborah offers the latest surgical techniques and non-surgical alternatives for diagnosing and treating all forms of cardiac, vascular and pulmonary diseases in adults, congenital and acquired heart defects in adults and children.


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Generous donations are a significant factor in helping Deborah Heart and Lung Center, which provides the highest quality of medical and surgical care to patients suffering from cardiac, pulmonary and vascular disease and children with congenital heart disease without distinction as to race, gender, sexual preference, creed, color, religion, age, national origin, handicap, or ability to pay.

The Deborah campus consists of Deborah Heart and Lung Center, an 89 bed hospital with a full-service ambulatory care center and Deborah Hospital Foundation, the fundraising arm for the Center with about 16,000 volunteers supporting the Deborah mission.