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Vascular Surgery

This department offers patients preventive, diagnostic, interventional and surgical treatment options. This is accomplished within a multidisciplinary framework of cardiologists, radiologists, interventionalists and surgeons working together to determine the best options for each patient. The program was expanded to accommodate the growing number of vascular patients coming to Deborah, and to raise awareness of the significant relationship between heart disease and vascular disease.

Deborah’s Process of Care

Patients referred for vascular conditions will be evaluated by physicians specializing in vascular care. The patient’s risk factors will be assessed and/or the stage of disease progression will be determined. Many patients can manage their disease with medication or diet and exercise programs. Some can be treated with interventional catheterization procedures. Numerous surgical options are available for patients who are not candidates for medical or interventional treatments. At times, combined open/endovascular procedures can be offered to patients to minimize recovery time following the procedure.




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Vascular Surgery
Vascular surgery is performed at Deborah after evaluation under the Comprehensive Vascular program. Elective vascular surgical procedures at Deborah include: