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DEBORAH's Medical Library

Accessing Library Resources
Library resources are available to all members of the DHLC staff who are registered library patrons. If you have not done so, please contact a member of the Library staff who will provide you with the necessary registration forms.

Library Hours
The Medical Library is in the Elichman Pavilion located on the Center’s campus. The hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM.  After closing  access is available through the hospital Security Office (Ext. 4495). Please have the hospital operator page a Security Officer if no one is available in the office. An Officer will let you in and should be called or paged again when you are ready to leave the Library. The Library is not to be left open without notifying Security. Access to and departure  from the Library are so noted in the Security Access Log.

 All patrons must register with the Library in order to borrow materials or use PC resources. Books,  bound  journals and audiovisual materials may be borrowed for a two week period. Renewals for an additional two weeks are permitted if the title is not on the Reserve List. Please discuss your needs with a member of the staff should you require a title beyond a second renewal. Reference materials are restricted to one day borrowing by staff members only. AV materials may be borrowed for up to one week. A staff member will give you access to these materials upon request as they are kept in locked shelving units. Again, renewals are permitted if the item(s) has not been placed on the reserve list.

Late notices will be sent for any item(s) not returned.  Your third notice will be an invoice assuming that you wish to retain the item(s) for personal use.

We have available audiovisual materials in various formats for your use. Please see the listing of available titles and formats under “Multimedia Materials.”


There is a photocopier available in the Library.  Requests for articles from journals which are not in
our collection will be secured from outside sources through the Interlibrary Loan Network. Please keep in mind that in some instances we may be charged for this service so we ask that you keep such requests to a minimum. Requests which exceed five (5) articles, per subject, for which we will be  charged must be approved by a Chief of Service or Administrative Department Head as appropriate.  Please check our interactive “click here” buttons for various request forms. Once you have completed a form, please click the “submit” button to transmit your request to the Library and a staff member  will contact you. Additional forms are available on the hospital drive and in the Library.

When requesting copies of articles that are in our collection, please keep in mind that the Library staff will provide five (5) articles per subject when the request is part of a large photocopying project. The requestor is responsible for any remaining quantity.  When available, we will attempt to secure a volunteer to assist with large copying requests.  Library patrons are responsible for routine copying.

Reference/Online Services
Reference services are available Monday through Friday during regular library hours. Patrons requiring assistance in locating any library materials should speak with a member of the library staff who will be happy to assist you. There are public access computers available to all Library patrons. The Library also offers mediated (expert) literature searching for all patrons. Forms for this service are available by clicking on the “Forms” button.