Physician Directory: Saugato Sanyal, MD, MBA, FACC

Saugato Sanyal

Phone: 609-735-2917
Fax: 609-735-1856
Appointments: 609-621-2080

Saugato Sanyal, MD, MBA, FACC

Attending Cardiologist

Internal Medicine—Long Island College Hospital, NY

Specialty Training: Cardiology—Beth Israel Medical Center, NY, NY

Board Certified: American Board of Cardiovascular Diseases; Certification Board of Nuclear Cardiology; Diplomate, National Board of Echocardiography

Special Interests: 1. Cardiovascular Risk assessment and modification with particular attention to lipid management, obesity and hypertension management with integrated approach of combining medications with lifestyle modification and proven dietary supplementations and modifications 2. Non-invasive cardiac imaging and coronary risk assessment including nuclear imaging studies, cardiac PET and cardiovascular CT 3. Research assessing outcome modification and cost-effective intervention strategies