Deborah Introduces First Drug-Eluting Stent Approved for Peripheral Arterial Disease

One of First Three Hospitals In New Jersey with Access to this New Technology

Deborah Heart and Lung Center, a specialty heart, lung, and vascular hospital in Browns Mills has announced it is one of the first three hospitals in New Jersey to have access to the Zilver® PTX®, a brand-new drug-eluting stent for use in treating Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.).

Since 2003 drug-eluting stents have been used in cardiac stenting procedures. The drugs -- when  applied to the stent – significantly reduce the chance of re-narrowing (restenosis) of a stent once it has been placed. The same principal is now applied to Cook Medical’s Zilver ®PTX®, which is the first FDA approved drug-eluting stent for use in the legs, above the knee (the superficial femoral and proximal popliteal artery).

The new drug-eluting stent was proven more effective in clinical trials than the same stent without drug or balloon angioplasty alone. This new technology offers additional treatment options for P.A.D. patients, joining other advanced treatments available at Deborah, including drug therapy, balloon angioplasty, atherectomy, bare-metal stents, advanced total occlusion crossing devices, other investigational devices, and surgical bypass.
P.A.D. occurs when plaque builds up in the arteries, especially in the legs, causing narrowing which limits the flow of blood to these areas. P.A.D. can cause leg pain and interfere significantly with quality of life. More importantly, it can lead to serious complications, including the need for amputation and increased risk for heart attack, stroke or death.
Richard Kovach, M.D., Chair of Deborah’s Interventional Cardiology Department, said he expects the new stents to play a very important role in keeping leg arteries open long term. “We have been able to use stents to prop open these arteries and restore blood flow for some time,” he said “but it has been extremely frustrating for patients who were stented and then had a recurrence of narrowing in their arteries, requiring another procedure. Drug-eluting stents have proven effective with cardiac procedures, and it is great to now have a product that we can use with leg procedures. I am excited to have this technology in our cath labs, and anticipate that this manufacturer, as well as others, will continue to develop new technologies to reach further into the arteries we treat.”


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