Deborah Heart and Lung Center Opens New Hybrid OR

Offering Most Sophisticated Equipment for Combined Surgical and Interventional Procedures

Joseph P. Chirichella, President and CEO of Deborah Heart and Lung Center, today announced the opening of the hospital’s new Hybrid Operating Room. “We are thrilled to mark this debut into the next generation of minimally-invasive heart and vascular procedures,” said Chirichella. “We have spent months in the planning, construction, and training phases to bring this highly-specialized blended option to the region.”

The procedures done this week in Deborah’s new Hybrid Operating Room mark the first time Deborah’s skilled surgical staff and interventional cardiologists worked side-by-side in one operating suite for a blended procedure combining the two disciplines. Deborah’s new 1,000 sq. ft., $4 million Hybrid OR features a 3-station computer system for continuous monitoring of a patient’s hemodynamics. Real-time imaging delivered through the Hybrid Operating Room’s robotic Siemens Artis zeego® multi-axis angiography system permits integration with various diagnostic modalities to drive complex analysis of data and increase both the precision and safety of cardiovascular procedures.

The operations performed this week represent collaboration among Deborah’s skilled cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons and interventional cardiologists working side-by-side in one operating suite for procedures, which combines the experience of multiple disciplines. With a full surgical and interventional team, joined with echocardiography and anesthesia professionals, the new Hybrid OR offers minimally-invasive approaches to challenging cardiovascular procedures.

“It has been an advantage for us to carefully plan out our Hybrid OR,” added Chirichella. “Although we are not the first in the region to introduce these types of procedures, we have benefitted by being deliberate. Since the inception of the Hybrid OR concept, there has been considerable fine-tuning on what works best -- and which technologies– deliver the safest patient outcomes. Our $4 million capital investment represents the next generation of Hybrid OR equipment with unmatched robotic positioning flexibility, to tackle the most advanced clinical procedures with the greatest level of patient safety.”

A variety of procedures will be performed in the new Hybrid OR, including transcatheter and transapical aortic value replacement, carotid stenting, subclavian angioplasty, endovascular repair of thoracic aortic aneurysms, endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms, mesenteric angioplasty and stenting, renal artery angioplasty and stenting, complex hybrid peripheral vascular revascularization procedures, ASD and VSD repairs, hybrid PCI/CABG procedures, atrial appendage closure, mitral clip, and other complex repairs. Patients who are considered for Hybrid OR procedures will be thoroughly evaluated for suitability based on strict clinical criteria, including exclusion from other surgical or interventional options and meeting inclusionary criteria for hybrid procedures. 

Noted Deborah’s Vice President of Medical Affairs, Lynn McGrath, MD: “A distinct advantage for patients in the Hybrid OR is greatly reduced recovery time. As well, patients who formerly would have to undergo two separate procedures for bypass surgery and stenting now are afforded an opportunity to receive both at once with hybrid coronary revascularization. This approach reduces hospitalization time. From many perspectives the new Hybrid OR is a win-win situation.”

“By investing in the newest technology, Deborah continues to set an elite standard of care,” Dr. McGrath added. “Our new state-of-the-art Hybrid Operating Room offers patients the most advanced treatment options, close to home.”