Vendors and the Food and Nutrition Department

The Food and Nutrition Department will provide approved catering services for Outside Vendors who wish to supply food and/or beverages for Staff, Physicians and/or Volunteers at Deborah Heart and Lung Center.

The Nutritional Services Department of Deborah Heart and Lung Center will be the "exclusive source" for catered services of food and food related supplies for Vendors who wish to supply food and or beverages to hospital employees. We will provide consistent, high-quality catered services for vendors and other outside entities interested in providing nourishment and catered meals at Deborah Hospital for the purpose of education, training, all in services meetings, etc. Vendors providing food for Hospital staff will be required to order food from the approved list of restaurants to the left.

Vendor reviews the restaurant menus posted on the link and complete the Vendor Information form requested by the Food and Nutrition Department.

Vendor will make their selections and press the submit button at the bottom of the page. Once the order is sent close the file and when it ask do you want to save say NO.  DO NOT SAVE THE ORDER. You will receive a confirmation email from the Food and Nutrition Department’s caterer once the request has been approved by the appropriate manager.

Order taker will send order request to appropriate person for approval. Order will be approved or rejected. Vendor will be notified via a return email.

If approved vendor must contact the Catering Department at 609-893-4212. You will need to provide your Debit/Credit card information before the order is placed.

The order will be placed with the following information:

    1. Vendor menu selections (sent with original email)
    2. Time of delivery
    3. Contact person or Extension of where food is going,
    4. Payment will be made using Department Credit Card.
    5. A copy of the order will be made a given to the Supervisor to Post in the Food Service Department’s Catering Bulletin Board in the kitchen.

Food orders must be placed a minimum of at least 7 days in advance to provide adequate time to ensure your request.

Credit Card information and total will be put into the register to be charged to Vendor’s account. If card is not accepted, the vendor will be notified. If no other form of payment is made, the order will be cancelled.

To cancel an order before delivery the vendor must provide 48 hours’ notice prior to the event otherwise the vendor is responsible for the invoice.

The catering requests posted will be taken by Supervisor from the bulletin board and given to the front desk each day, so they know what is expected in for the day. The vendor will sign the order completed order form and call the appropriate contact person in the department receiving the food. Food and Nutrition will pick up the signed order forms and document that the delivery was made. If someone comes in unexpectedly they will sign in Vendor name, what Dept. food is for and we will follow-up with a letter notifying them that they are in violation of Deborah’s policy.

Cosi Catering

Roly Poly Sandwiches and Salads

Old World Bakery

BOBO's Kitchen

Soprano's Pizza

Colonial Catering

DEBORAH's Breakfast Options




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