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Deborah Healthy Hearts Ambassador: Walter Staib

staibDeborah promotes a heart-healthy lifestyle through cooking. Deborah Healthy Hearts Ambassador Walter Staib is the acclaimed chef and Proprietor of the historic City Tavern in Center City Philadelphia. City Tavern, which first opened its doors in 1771, is the spot where Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin and John Adams hung out during Revolutionary times. Chef has replicated the customs and food of 18th Century Colonial America. The international appeal of Chef Staib extends to the Caribbean where he has been a longtime Culinary Ambassador to the Sandals and Beaches chain of resorts.

Chef Staib works with the talented chefs in the close to 150 first-class restaurants in the Sandals Resorts International system. In recognition of his unprecedented contributions he has made to the Caribbean culinary cause, Walter Staib has been inducted into the Caribbean Culinary Hall of Fame.


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The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded two Emmys for Chef Staib’s PBS TV series, entitled, “A Taste of History.” This TV cooking series explores America’s culinary beginnings, bringing history to life through the founders of our country, the food they ate and the recipes they prepared. Chef Staib is the author of four cookbooks, including The City Tavern Cookbook, featuring 200 years of classic recipes from America’s first gourmet restaurant.

Chef has won many awards, some notable ones include the prestigious Knights Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, Seven Stars & Stripes Award for Excellence in Hospitality, Five Star Diamond Award for both Chef and Restaurant by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences, and Food Art’s Silver Spoon Award. Deborah is sponsoring a healthy cooking segment on the CBS 3 Talk Philly noon news program. You can find the CBS 3 Talk Philly video segments, as well as Chef Staib’s heart healthy recipes, here on Deborah’s website.