Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!
We have revised the former “Employee Suggestion Program” and are seeking your IDEAS on how Deborah can Save Time, Save Money and/or Improve the Patient/Customer Experience.

You must use the IDEAS Submission Form found on the Employee Portal under the IDEAS drop-down box. Please complete all questions on the Form; you may then submit the form directly online.

All IDEAS will be reviewed by the IDEA Team, composed of 12 employees representing a cross-section of staff at all levels. The IDEA Team will forward all IDEAS selected for implementation to the Administrative Team for their review.

Quarterly drawings for $250 will be awarded in each of the three categories. In addition, all employees whose IDEAS were submitted to the Administrative Team will be eligible for an additional drawing of $50 and $100 per quarter.

If you have an IDEA on how Deborah can Save Time, Save Money or Improve the Patient/Customer Experience, submit your IDEA today. It might help Deborah and you might win a cash prize!















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