Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!
We have revised the former “Employee Suggestion Program” and are seeking your IDEAS on how Deborah can Save Time, Save Money and/or Improve the Patient/Customer Experience.

You must use the IDEAS Submission Form found on the Employee Portal under the IDEAS drop-down box. Please complete all questions on the Form; you may then submit the form directly online.

All IDEAS will be reviewed by the IDEA Team, composed of 12 employees representing a cross-section of staff at all levels. The IDEA Team will forward all IDEAS selected for implementation to the Administrative Team for their review.

Quarterly drawings for $250 will be awarded in each of the three categories. In addition, all employees whose IDEAS were submitted to the Administrative Team will be eligible for an additional drawing of $50 and $100 per quarter.

If you have an IDEA on how Deborah can Save Time, Save Money or Improve the Patient/Customer Experience, submit your IDEA today. It might help Deborah and you might win a cash prize!

Program Update

To date, there have been 23 IDEAS! forms submitted via the Employee Portal! These IDEAS! included a wide variety of practical suggestions for consideration, as well as offering creative concepts—submitted by every level of staff!—for application in one or more of these categories:

“Quarter #1 IDEAS!” (April-June 2014) which have been reviewed initially by the IDEAS! Committee, and then presented to the Administrative Team for consideration, final decision and/or implementation include:
~ “Install door stops on Pulmonary Lab & Dep't. doors”—Fran Marshall, Media Dep’t.
Resolution: Magnetic door openers were installed.

~ “Install a change machine for visitors' use of vending machines”—MICU
Resolution: A change machine has been purchased & installed, which gives change in $1 coins.

~ “Upload the New Patient First Eval papers online for easy access by new patients”—Deanna Landrieu, PAS
Resolution: This form was already in the process of being made available online; however, a highly visible button with a link to this form has been added to our website homepage.

~ “Make used copy paper available for reuse of copies”—Dawn Marks, Billing
Resolution: Each department may implement a use/recycling program, with careful monitoring of print to ensure HIPAA adherence, employee privacy and business discretion.

~ “Turn Out Lights” awareness campaign—Barbara Parent, Radiology
Resolution: A reminder may be placed on the Employee Portal, and James Brown will remind his staff about turning out lights when their work in an area is completed.

~ “Place a bench for rest, midway between Reg. & Radiology Dep't”—Linda Balsamo, Radiology
Resolution: This idea has been implemented, comprised of two chairs.

~ “Provide Ambassador Cards for all employees with pertinent #s & info”—Joanne Baldwin, IS
Resolution: Employees with business cards already have this info available on their cards’ back. Cards will be developed for those employees w/o cards, noting the 800# and pertinent info.
~ “Have employee extensions available in Outlook”—Diana Tocko, PCS
Resolution: a possible “new exchange” may be implemented in the future by IS; additionally, there is this option available via the automated hospital directory.

~ “Foundation Donations: PPT/Buyout-donate to DHF/Donate a day's salary”—Lisa Hubert, OR
Resolution: This donation option is already available, managed by HR. Jim Carlino will submit wording for a screen saver, to highlight this option.

~ “Wellness app for pts, to access app't. schedule, track health & inform” —Lisa Hubert, OR
Resolution: Patients already have the option of accessing their own medical information via Jersey Health Connect; the other suggested components cannot be considered at this time.

~ “Shrubs at Employee bus stop walkway are tall--a security risk”—Robin Nolan, MICU
Resolution: Have these bushes regularly trimmed.

~ “Move from duplicate Plant Ops paper work forms to electronically submitted forms” —Patricia Stark, SICU
Resolution: An electronic paperless system for this purpose is already in process of final decision, by Neil DeGregorio.

Quarter #1 IDEAS! Program Winners
Any entrant whose IDEA! has been analyzed and approved for implementation is eligible for a PRIZE!
*$250. Gift Card to Linda Balsamo—“Place a bench for rest, midway between Registration & Radiology Dep't.”
Category: Improves Patient Care Experience!

*$250. Gift Card to MICU—“Install a change machine for visitors' use of vending machines.”
Category: Improves Patient Care Experience!

*$50 Gift Card to Joanne Baldwin—“Provide Ambassador Cards for all employees with pertinent #s & info.”

*$50 Gift Card to Robin Nolan—“Shrubs at Employee bus stop walkway are tall--a security risk.”





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