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Deborah Ambassador Kit

Deborah’s Branding Market Research
· Marketing research company
· Ten years since last brand research
·Conducted late Fall 2012

Input from Deborah constituencies
· Patients
· Employees
· Referring Physicians
· Consumers
· Board Members/Administrative Team

Market Research Findings
· With patients------Exceptionally strong
· With employees------Exceptionally strong
· With referring physicians-------Positive overall; concern not treated with respect
· With consumers-------Positive Mayo Clinic-like impression, but some unlikely to use

Overall Themes
· Great pride in Deborah
· “Patient-centered care”
· “Defending” Deborah
· Long-term viability/quality of care
· Physical appearance
· Fundraising: mixed blessing
· Branching out vs. Focused

EXTERNAL: Deborah Patients
· “Evangelical” in admiration
· Sophisticated, life-sustaining, superb care
· Loyalty and devotion to institution

· “Mythical” reputation
· “Mayo clinic-like” impression
· But not practical/realistic option
· Many patients self-refer

Misconceptions Among Consumers
· Appointment process is lengthy, complex
· Referrals are needed
· Inconvenient location/limited accessibility
· Charity hospital
· ONLY for difficult—to—treat, advanced illness

Deborah Patients
· Patients “love, love, love Deborah”
· Confident getting most sophisticated medical care
· Staff committed to making experience as positive as it can be
· Patient loyalty to “Deborah as institution”
· Many patients ‘self-refer’
· “I know I’m getting the best care”
· “They bend over backwards for patients”
· “You start to feel like family, even though it’s not the same people you see”
· “The level of service is above and beyond”
· “I feel safe here”
· “I feel that no matter what is ailing me, they can fix it”

Non-patient Consumers
· Want to be part of choice
· Informed about and aware of specific hospitals
· Some still rely on primary care physician
· Think about ‘the doctor’ but hospital itself matters

Elements of care that matter most:
· Continuity of care
· Being treated with dignity, respect, compassion
· Reputation
· Comprehensive care
· Quality, meaning “the whole thing”
· Outcomes—admitted they do not look into this
· Trust
· All procedures in one location
· Peace of mind
· Positive word-of-mount
· Going above and beyond
· Research: know latest and best procedures

Summary and Recommendations
· Deborah’s “state of the brand” is sound
· Internally & externally strong reputation
· Top quality provider—cardiac/vascular care
· Embrace and articulate the brand
· Harness employees’/physicians’ enthusiasm
· Ambassadors of the brand
· Market brand to consumers
· Focus on Deborah as an institution
· Live up to brand w/ physical appearance updates



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Fill out form with required information and submit it to Deborah

Scheduling contacts patient within three business days or before

Response email includes numbers to call for updates or for more information

If insurance requires a referral, patient sent to private physician for referral


Contact General Information Line at 800-555-1990

Staff takes time to answer all questions about appointment process

Sends out a packet if requested

Responds to inquiries about programs/services/procedures/Deborah specialists

Provides back up number if additional questions arise

Transfers caller to Scheduling to schedule convenient appointment time

If insurance requires a referral, patient sent to private physician for referral

Scheduling provides update phone number for further questions


Acquire referral from primary physician

Physician faxes referral to Referral Center

Patient faxes or mails referral to Referral Center

Upon receipt of referral, Scheduling calls patient for appointment or to request further information

Provides return call numbers when messages left

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