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Deborah Ambassador Kit
Deborah’s Branding Market Research
· Marketing research company
· Ten years since last brand research
· Conducted late Fall 2012

Input from Deborah constituencies
· Patients
· Employees
· Referring Physicians
· Consumers
· Board Members/Administrative Team

Market Research Findings
· With patients------Exceptionally strong
· With employees------Exceptionally strong
· With referring physicians-------Positive overall; concern not treated with respect
· With consumers-------Positive Mayo Clinic-like impression, but some unlikely to use

Overall Themes
· Great pride in Deborah
· “Patient-centered care”
· “Defending” Deborah
· Long-term viability/quality of care
· Physical appearance
· Fundraising: mixed blessing
· Branching out vs. Focused

EXTERNAL: Deborah Patients
· “Evangelical” in admiration
· Sophisticated, life-sustaining, superb care
· Loyalty and devotion to institution

· “Mythical” reputation
· “Mayo clinic-like” impression
· But not practical/realistic option
· Many patients self-refer

Misconceptions Among Consumers
· Appointment process is lengthy, complex
· Referrals are needed
· Inconvenient location/limited accessibility
· Charity hospital
· ONLY for difficult—to—treat, advanced illness

Deborah Patients
· Patients “love, love, love Deborah”
· Confident getting most sophisticated medical care
· Staff committed to making experience as positive as it can be
· Patient loyalty to “Deborah as institution”
· Many patients ‘self-refer’
· “I know I’m getting the best care”
· “They bend over backwards for patients”
· “You start to feel like family, even though it’s not the same people you see”
· “The level of service is above and beyond”
· “I feel safe here”
· “I feel that no matter what is ailing me, they can fix it”

Non-patient Consumers
· Want to be part of choice
· Informed about and aware of specific hospitals
· Some still rely on primary care physician
· Think about ‘the doctor’ but hospital itself matters

Elements of care that matter most:
· Continuity of care
· Being treated with dignity, respect, compassion
· Reputation
· Comprehensive care
· Quality, meaning “the whole thing”
· Outcomes—admitted they do not look into this
· Trust
· All procedures in one location
· Peace of mind
· Positive word-of-mount
· Going above and beyond
· Research: know latest and best procedures

Summary and Recommendations
· Deborah’s “state of the brand” is sound
· Internally & externally strong reputation
· Top quality provider—cardiac/vascular care
· Embrace and articulate the brand
· Harness employees’/physicians’ enthusiasm
· Ambassadors of the brand
· Market brand to consumers
· Focus on Deborah as an institution
· Live up to brand w/ physical appearance updates



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