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Financial Summary

Here are the latest financial highlights, this being a summary of year-end activity at DEBORAH. 

Thanks to a few loyal donor estates and New Jersey’s hospital subsidization program, Deborah finished 2013 in a good financial position. 

Total Admissions and Same Day Care (SDC) patients: 5,325

Admissions: 3,884
Observation Patients: 911

Ambulatory Care Registrations: 63,200

First Evaluation/New Patients: 8,042
Re-Evaluation Patients: 27,069

Emergency Room Visits to Lourdes ER: 26,312ER Admits to DHLC: 1,113
Procedure Volume Total Surgeries: 1,326
Open Heart: 279
Vascular: 601
Pulmonary: 109

Diagnostic Catheterizations: 1,824
Interventional: 1,990
Endovascular: 1,126

Total EPS: 1,467
Defibrillators: 542
Pacemakers: 495
Ablations: 474

Sleep Studies: 1,160    


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