Messages from the
President and CEO


What a busy time for all of us! First, it was so exciting to see all of you last week during our employee roll-out of our new branding campaign. I think we are all excited for Deborah’s new look and messaging, and we are all eagerly anticipating the campaign launch in the next few weeks.

As well, our 9th Annual Red Tie Gala is next week. This signature annual fundraiser is a high point for the hospital and Foundation, and provides a welcome opportunity to not only recognize our donors and staff, but to take a moment to reflect on all that has progressed during the year. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, there are still a few seats left. Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Another exciting development at Deborah is our new venture into targeted pharmacogenomics testing, allowing our specialists to tailor certain treatments based on our patients’ DNA makeup, focusing genetic analysis to accurately predict an individual’s metabolic response to various commonly prescribed cardiac medications like Plavix and Coumadin. This promises to be a valuable tool in our treatment plans moving forward, and we are excited to embrace this innovative new approach. Hope you and your families are enjoying our glorious fall weather!

Joseph Chirichella

Deborah Heart and Lung Center

Fourth Quarter
Fall is here, and once again the hospital and Foundation are exceptionally busy. We just hosted our annual Walk-a-Thon, which this year included a 5K run and a bike ride. As always, it was a terrific time for everyone who attended, and a great opportunity to raise money and focus attention on the good work being done at Deborah!

This weekend we are also hosting an Ocean County Community Day in Toms River, as well as a PAD screening event here at the hospital. Both are valuable community services, and we should be proud of hosting them.

On the medical side, be sure to welcome our two new cardiothoracic surgeons – Drs. Burns and Ross. They are already settling in well, and have quickly become part of the Deborah family.

We also need to congratulate our recently named Top Docs. While all of our physicians are “top docs” in my book, SJ Magazine’s poll of area physicians singled out ten of our physicians for special recognition. Join me in warm congratulations to Drs. Corbisiero, Gallagher, George, Hsi, Kovach, McGrath, Moshiyakov, Poulathas, Schloo, and Vecchio.  Great job!

Also, please wish Dr. Hsi well, as he leaves Deborah to pursue a different path. Thanks for your contributions to the hospital and good luck on your journey!

Third Quarter
Hard to believe that summer is on us already! And while many of us are making travel plans and visiting friends and family, I’d like to let you know that our medical staff is continuing to forge ahead, breaking new ground, and setting new industry standards for excellence.

This week marks a milestone for Dr. Raffaele Corbisiero and Dr. Pedram Kazemian, who recently completed their 100th robotic ablation procedure using the Stereotaxis Remote Navigation System. It has been a few years since we made the investment in this new piece of equipment, and this program has grown over time. Stereotaxis treatment, which utilizes a flexible, robotically-delivered catheter to destroy small areas of heart tissue responsible for arrhythmias, has become a gold standard for these conditions, and one widely regarded by area physicians for its excellent procedural results. Drs. Cobisiero and Kazemian have over 20 years of combined experience, having performed several hundred ablations using various mapping systems.

This newly reached milestone places DEBORAH’s Heart Rhythm Center among the top 10 robotic ablation centers in the country. Great job!

Additionally, our interventional team—Drs. Richard Kovach, Jon George, Kintur Sanghvi and Vincent Varghese—is breaking new ground for patients who suffer with 100% chronically occluded arteries. Through rigorous training on new FDA-cleared devices and interventional techniques, these specialists are the cornerstone of our newly established Chronic Total Coronary Occlusion (CTO) Program.

This new CTO Program offers a novel approach to these complex cases, especially for those considered too risky for bypass operations or anatomically not technically amenable to bypass surgery, and for those others whose surgical bypass grafts have also become occluded. With these new technologies, training and expertise in place, Deborah’s interventional cardiologists are now able to create a new pathway for the treatment of completely blocked arteries, offering fresh hope to patients who previously had limited treatment alternatives beyond medical management or surgery.

Again, congratulations for fine work on behalf of our patients!

So while we take time to refresh ourselves this summer, it is gratifying to me to see that the innovative work at Deborah continues unabated.

Joseph Chirichella

Deborah Heart and Lung Center



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Second Quarter
Lots going on at Deborah! First, I’m excited to report that the Grand Opening of the James Klinghoffer Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Treatment is planned for Tuesday, May 6th. A staff invitation will be going out next week. If you are planning to attend, please check first with your manager. We are excited to showcase this brand-new program for the hospital!

Not to be outdone, May 6th also marks our Nurses Day Ceremony. This eagerly anticipated annual event is a terrific opportunity to recognize and showcase our stellar nursing staff! I always enjoy this recognition ceremony and the opportunity it offers to pause and say, “Thank you for a job very well done!”

I am also excited to report that two other new programs are launching at the hospital. A new bariatric program, which has been two years in the making, is ready to open. This will give us another opportunity to help patients battling with obesity and diabetes live healthier and fuller lives.

We also are poised to begin Low-Dose CT scans to screen smokers (and former smokers) for lung cancer. This early detection program has been proven to be successful in early diagnosis, which is important. The earlier we begin treatment, the more successful we are in battling this disease. With support from our Foundation, we will be able to make this screening test available to many, many people and are optimistic that, if needed, our Multi-Disciplinary Oncology Program, in conjunction with The Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey, will be able to plan an aggressive, individualized treatment program for each patient.

All in all, we are again pushing forward on our multitude of strategic planning initiatives. I look forward to seeing you at our events!

Joseph Chirichella
Deborah Heart and Lung Center

First Quarter
It’s hard to believe that 2013 has ended and a New Year is already unfolding! We had a good year at Deborah and I am looking forward to an even better one in 2014. Many of you have complimented the newly refurbished and refreshed lobby, which offers a warm welcome to our visitors. Other major construction underway includes the hybrid OR and our Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbarics. I will be updating you as these projects near completion this spring. Both will be exciting new ventures for us. I am excited about our new projects as they broaden our regional “medical campus” draw. I anticipate this year will see many more of these exciting new innovations. I am looking forward to a successful new year for the hospital and Foundation. I wish you and your family best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!

Joseph Chirichella
Deborah Heart and Lung Center