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Recently I just completed my fourth heart catheterization at Deborah. As usual the procedure went extremely well. I’m not really in a position to critique the work of the doctors other than to say the results of their efforts were very positive as usual. This correspondence is more in reference to the workings of the staff then the doctors. Every appointment and procedure I’ve ever had done at Deborah was accomplished with superior support and assistance by the staff at every level at the hospital. Everyone seems to have a responsibility and performs that effort in a kind, professional, expeditious and confident manner. This top notch support by the entire staff of the hospital helps put the patient at ease and ready to accept the efforts the doctor is about to perform. Thank you to all the staff at Deborah and keep up the great work you do. – A Grateful Patient

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude to and appreciation for the members of your staff who
cared for me during my recent stay at your hospital. I was a patient of Dr. Van Hise who performed a catheterization on 9.21.13. Many thanks, Dr. Van Hise, you are a wonderful doctor! Special thanks to your nursing staff especially to Kathleen Werth. She is an extraordinary nurse - patient, warm, professional and optimistic.Thank you all at Deborah Center for warm atmosphere and high professionalism.
Sincerely, Leo











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